Sarah Harding Blond Short Hair Style

Short Hair Style - Sarah Harding
Short Hair Style - Sarah Harding

My first client today wanted this look including the color. I cut her below shoulder length hair to the bottom of the neck level. I gave her uniform length layers from the back to the ears, leaving the fringe area and the sides out. I pulled diagonal sections fron the sides and brought them to a stationary point at the back to create slightly longer layers at the front.Then the hair was notched and texturized to create a soft but piecey  look and feel to it. the fringe she wanted a slight angled side fringe. I sliced the fringe area to lighten them a little and shaped the  front to frame her face nicely. For color whe used lightener and 20 vol peroxide and toned her with a 10 BN (Goldwell) colorance with a splash of clear to give a little shine back. I used some root lift and styling lotion and used a paddle brush to blowdry the hair in different directions using a little pomade wax on the ends to define a bit. She loved it and was very happy.

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