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I’m Jessica, an award winning, licensed hairstylist servicing West Hills , Woodland Hills, Malibu, Calabasas and Agoura. I have been in the

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beauty industry for 20 years. I graduated at the top of my class from Malaspina University. I offer hair for offer the full range of hair services, at a fraction of high salon prices.

Treat yourself high end hair care at affordable prices.


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Woman’s Haircut – $60
Shampoo & Blow dry – $25
Shampoo & Set – $30
Special Occasions – On location styling $200 +


Full High / Low Lites – $100
Partial High / Low Lites – $80
Corrective color – consult


Scalp massage & Conditioning – $20

Mobile in Home / Office travel fee:

91307 -$10, all others + $20
3 or more clients at any location, Free
Please send me your location for a quote.

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Cameron Diaz Blonde Hairstyle

Cameron Diaz Blonde Hairstyle
Cameron Diaz Blonde Hairstyle

This client wanted blonde highlights and wanted her one length hair to be layered. Her med brown hair was (2/3 head) foiled using 20 vol and lightener and toned .  The layers started from chin lenth down and very texurized to give a more choppy look. Blow dry lotion and root lift were used to give a nice sleek look. Then I flat ironed her hair and ran a bit of shine serum through the ends.

Ashley Tisdale Long Layered Hairstyle

Ashley Tisdale Long Layered Hairstyle
Ashley Tisdale Long Layered Hairstyle

This client wanted long layers  with side bangs. I started by the first layer starting just below her chin and pulling up each level strainght up. I notched lightly . The back I slide cut to meet the ends. The fringe was cut below eye level. I used some gel and styling lotion and a round brush to blowdry each section and the fringe area. Then I set her hair in large velcro rollers and heated with a blowdryer. Once cooled I used hairspray and removed rollers and relaxed the curl a bit.

Modern Emo / Goth Rocker Chick

Goth Rocker Chick  Celeb Hairstyle
Goth Rocker Chick Celeb Hairstyle

This client I started with graduated layers at the nape area slicing out the strands to make texture. The rest I cut uniform lengths increasing the length to the fringe area, going back in and texturizing with the razor. I then sculpted the fringe and sides with the razor with the fringe shorter (a touch) at the on side . I put in some styling cream and blow dried the hair up from in the opposite direction at the roots with a Denman brush then swithing dirctions using a paddle brush from the crown forward. I used a straightener and finished with a dry spray wax all over to separate and piece it out. A touch of soft wax for individual tips .

Blonde Long Sarah Michelle Gellar Hairstyle

Sarah Michelle Gellar hairstyle
Sarah Michelle Gellar hairstyle

This client wanted this look. I gave her long layers pulling all layers straight up. the fringe was notched lightly just below the eye level and sliced into to thin them out a bit. I used some root lift and styling cream and blow dried with a large round brush including the bangs. Then i took each section vertically and slid though them to soften the look. Some shine serum was used to make the ends look smooth.

SCENE / EMO Mens Hair Style

Scene / Emo Hair Style
Scene / Emo Hair Style

This young man wanted this look. I cut the crown area about 3 inches long with deep notching and pulled each layer back deep notiong as i went.  the top i added some chuncking  and slicing to give more texture. i sliced into the fringe and side areas. I put back to back foils in a few areas to give a dramatic effect using 30 vol and lightener and toned with 10 V colorance. I blow dried the hair up in the back and forward from the crown to the front. Then the flat iron was used and KMS HAIRPLAY was used to style the rest.

Sarah Harding Blond Short Hair Style

Short Hair Style - Sarah Harding
Short Hair Style - Sarah Harding

My first client today wanted this look including the color. I cut her below shoulder length hair to the bottom of the neck level. I gave her uniform length layers from the back to the ears, leaving the fringe area and the sides out. I pulled diagonal sections fron the sides and brought them to a stationary point at the back to create slightly longer layers at the front.Then the hair was notched and texturized to create a soft but piecey  look and feel to it. the fringe she wanted a slight angled side fringe. I sliced the fringe area to lighten them a little and shaped the  front to frame her face nicely. For color whe used lightener and 20 vol peroxide and toned her with a 10 BN (Goldwell) colorance with a splash of clear to give a little shine back. I used some root lift and styling lotion and used a paddle brush to blowdry the hair in different directions using a little pomade wax on the ends to define a bit. She loved it and was very happy.

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